The guitar Duo Blanco Sinacori is a union between italian classical guitarists Alessandro Blanco and Giuseppe Sinacori, who melt together their extraordinary guitar techniques into a modern and innovative sound.

Mentors of their musical and artistic journey are Giovanni Puddu and Antonello Farulli. The duo, after winning many international contests, started soon to perform in prestigious events in whole Italy and in a short time were able to spread their musical activity all over Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

The Duo have represented Italy during the celebration of the Republic in the Italian Embassy in Gabon (Africa) in 2015 and 2018, they’ve played in the most beautiful concert halls in Switzerland, in Georgia during the International Festival of Chamber Music in Martivili, in the United States of America they have played in tounèe in Arkansas and in the prestigious “Carnegie Hall” in New York.

In July 2017 the Chinese debut at the Shandong Grand Theater in Jinan, at the Shanghai City Theater and at the Guangzhou Opera House; in February 2018 the Kazakh and Kyrgyz debut at the Regional Drama Theater in Ust-Kamenogorsk, the Mir Zhubanovyh Culture Center Concert hall in Aktobe, the Chopin Concert Hall in Astana and the Toktogul Satylganov Philharmonic Hall in Bishkek. In 2019 the return to China in a 12 concerts Tour and the debut in Croatia.

They are dedicated to original works signed by the composers Roberto Carnevale, Carmelo Mafali, Valentina Casesa, Antonio Blanco Tejero, Maurizio Pisati and Marco Betta.

From 2013 they’ve been attending a chamber section at the International Piano Academy “Incontri col Maestro” of Imola under the influence of Antonello Farulli. This collaboration gave birth to a new recording project Hacked Ouvertures produced by Almendra Music that gathers Opera Symphonies transcribed by the Duo and mixed with musical interludes written for the two guitarists by the composer Maurizio Pisati.

In June 2017 Hacked Arias was published, the “spin-off” of the first album that, while maintaining the original concept, this time contains a carefully selection of arias by Giacomo Puccini separated by precious interludes written by Valentina Casesa. The second Hacked Arias, this time dedicated to Vincenzo Bellini with the interludes written by Marco Betta, is the latest release.

Alessandro Blanco and Giuseppe Sinacori, guitar teachers at State institutes, play twin guitars (one left-handed and the other right-handed) created and designed specifically for them by the Sicilian luthier Vincenzo Candela.